Thursday, December 06, 2007

Pistol-Whipping Wingnuts, Part 1

The next time your favorite right wing blowhard tells you the news media are biased in favor of liberals, do not waste your time showering him with facts and evidence that conservatives get more than a fair break in America's major newspapers and TV networks.

Just agree with him. Then point out that this is a massive failure on the part of conservatives.

Why can't conservatives produce a successful American daily newspaper or TV news network? If they can, why haven't they and if they have, how could there be a bias?

Of course, most Americans know well that conservatives can and do own and operate newspapers and TV stations across America. They may not be as successful as their mainstream counterparts, but that's only because they lack readers and/or viewers.

Invite the wingnut to speculate as to why conservatives have failed relative to liberals in the media. Most of the time, he'll just try to change the subject. Before he does, get him to explain why conservatives fail at academia as well.

(Next up: Pistol Whipping Wingnuts, Part II: Israel)